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Welcome Katie Erickson to 

Rigsby & Bresee


Welcome Katie to Rigsby & Bresee

Phillip Rigsby and Matt Bresee
Feb 13 3 minutes read

It is our pleasure to announce the new addition to Rigsby & Bresee at Premiere Plus Realty Co.  Katie Erickson comes to us as a fellow colleague in our office.  She is a graduate of the Mentor's Edge program at PPR, and a very eager and hard working Realtor.  Her work ethic, sense of humor, and southern accent fits right in with the genuine atmosphere of our team.  Here are some places you will start seeing Katie:

1. Helping to knock out the paperwork.

Katie is an active agent and is working daily with AppFiles (our online filing system at PPR), so this is a smooth transition for her helping us.  She will soon be sending your paperwork and communicating with you hand in hand.  Attention to detail and a caring soul, she fits right in and will take great care of you in this phase.  This frees us up to work on the things that really matter, like following up with other agents on if their customer has interest in your listing, providing our knowledge of your home and the community that the home is located in.  Also, this allows us to produce more content for your benefit in Buying and Selling to know more about the process and how we can make it more efficient and fun for you.

2. Jumping right in to help sell.

A Realtor in her own right, Katie will be working closely with Phillip and Matt on Buying and Selling.  Katie will build on her current sales success with our guidance, selling properties not only as a Buyer's agent, but in the team atmosphere in Listings.

3. A student by nature.

Katie truly is a student by nature and loves to learn each day about our business and the different areas of selling in Southwest Florida.  On her first day, we attended a builders event where we were able to introduce to her sales managers and start gaining knowledge on a new community just starting in our area through a meet and greet presentation.  Katie will be collecting and distributing this important information to our customers, and as they say, "3 heads are better than one...", that's the saying... right?

4. Provide relief.

 Katie is going to be an all-important spoke in the R&B wheel.  With 3 of us now to help with your needs, we will each get to spend time with our families and take the occasional break to enjoy life's best moments.  As a 3 person wolfpack we will be able to allow our teammates time to rest and recharge to keep us on point and serving you the best way imaginable.

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